the project is run in three phases over a five week period.  

Cost: £1,800 per Year group 

Phase 1: Measure and Analyse wellbeing in one year group

  • Introduction and delivery of measure to staff and students (circa half a day in school).

  • Written report with extraction of key findings (emailed within one week of data collection).

Phase 2: Discussion groups

  • Facilitated discussion with students on key findings from report (1 hour).

  • Facilitated discussion with staff on report (circa 1.5 hours).

Phase 3: Evidence-informed action plan

  • Evidence-informed actions that would improve staff and student wellbeing are pinpointed in a written plan (emailed within one week of discussion groups).

  • A summary of the key discussion points is included.

Please note - there will be additional travel charges and expenses for all work with schools outside the United Kingdom.  


Giving Back

For it is in giving that we receive

— Saint Francis of Assis

Part of the payment for the Understanding Well work goes towards financing the same work in schools who do not have sufficient budget.  If you would like to be partnered with a school to support their access to wellbeing work or if you are part of a school who would like to be a beneficiary of such support, please fill in the form below.  

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