Understanding Well was founded and written by myself: Antonia Cox.  It is a response to my work teaching in schools across the UK and France over the past ten years and the observations I have made.  It is clear to me that social and emotional learning has long since lagged behind and we are now experiencing the cost of that.  Now is the time to turn that around by teaching children how to take care of their mental wellbeing.  

At some point in life we are all/ will be touched by challenges to our mental health.  This programme has been written to help equip younger generations for those times so that they may stand tall in the face of them.  It is also for the many who I have met who have struggled so bravely to face the most challenging times of life and for those who chose to end it.  May this programme be in their names and may its content help pave the way for younger generations to get the support they need to travel through the storms towards some of the beauty of life. 


'WB Yeats said that education is not about filling a pail. It is about lighting a fire. Antonia is lighting fires every day.'

Peter Baily

The Kairos Project.